A Little About Myself

I have been working in the IT field for almost 20 years. In that time I have seen many changes and learned about many technologies and systems. Interestingly I have found that it is people and not systems that keep me interested in IT.  While my skills and experience are technical in nature, my successes truly come from my hunger to find the real problem and impact people much more than systems.

Work History

Trinity College 1998 - 20xx

    Trinity College has supplied me with a steady stream of interesting opportunities.  From my earliest days helping to create our first website, to most recently reorienting our various services to run off campus the scope of involvement has been extremely satisfying. While my resume  describes a larger set of duties and official advancement, nothing can truly describe the  rich environment Trinity provides.  Challenges such as limited and unpredictable budgets, very short timetables and a highly demanding campus have actually been a gift. Only here could I have had the privilege of working directly with senior leadership as well as the real "nuts and bolts" of making real all the services we provide.  

The Henrietta B. and Frederick H. Bugher Foundation 2003-2017

    My work as Trustee of the Bugher foundation has been one of the most rewarding duties in my life.  I was asked to serve as trustee simply because of my family's involvement in its creation.  Frederick Bugher gave his fortune to the mission of cardiovascular research, and we are simply custodians of his gift.  I never forget that my service is to facilitate the gift of another.   As a result, I have worked harder to earn at least a fraction of the good will that comes from managing this foundation.   

    The Bugher foundation has a great deal to be proud of.   For some time we have been the single largest private foundation to support the American Heart Association.  We have suffered though difficult financial times.  Nonetheless, our managed assets have recovered and grown substantially. I am pleased to say that we continue to make a measurable impact in the field of cardiovascular research.  This is especially important as  public funds are increasingly scarce.   I keep a bright line between my regular work responsibilities and my foundation duties.  However, I do find that my involvement with the foundation, our grantees, and the AHA provides my with scope and skills that I bring to bear in my day to day life.  The work of the foundation is clearly a great joy and one of my deepest passions.  

Entrepreneurial efforts: 1995 - 20xx
    While an undergraduate I created WebToad.com  a geographically localized website index a bit ahead of its time.  While the name continues and provides a space for some of my side projects, my side efforts mainly consist of creating opportunities for others.   Given that I have an abundance of curiosity and love of building solutions for people, I have enjoyed creating a Surveillance and Security consultancy, a network services index and an aerial photography service.  Providing it does not impact any existing responsibilities or present a conflict of interest, please contact me if you want help with anything. 

Hobbies and other interests

   I am interested more things than I have time to pursue.  But when the opportunity presents itself, I like to bicycle, hike, travel, build things, take photographs and para-glide.   I am fascinated my new technologies and enjoy evaluating the potential uses and pitfalls of any new tools.  I have been an early Google Glass invitee by Google, and have experimented on Google Home, Amazon Echo and a number of home automation environments.  I am a great lover of the woods and love hiking and camping.  

Yup, that's me...  There aren't many pictures of me as I tend to focus on things other than self documentation.  ( He says as he writes a website describing his hobbies etc... ) 

Contact Me


(860) 553-3324

11 Pond Road
Canton,  CT 06019